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Torayvino MK204MX

RM 388.00
RM 388.00
RM 388.00
RM 388.00
No.1 Top Selling in Japan
The Torayvino MK204MX faucet water filter removes the dirt and odor from the water.

Compact and easy to install, the water purification filter enhances your daily life by removing bacteria, harmful organic compounds and chlorine while keeping all the good minerals in your water with a double filtration system.

An electronic monitor is included in the device that shows the filter capacity. Hence, the indicator will show you when should replace the cartridge.

Delivered in :
Rest of Peninsular Malaysia 1-4 working days;
Sabah & Sarawak 3-5 working days

Torayvino MK204MXThe 4-stage filtration 
Four-stage filtration catches even the most microscopic contaminants.

1 Prescreen
Remove dust, sendiments and bigger particles.

2 Granular activated carbon (GAC)
TORAYVINO use high-grade activated carbon to remove residual chlorine and other chemicals from ulfiltered tap water.

3 Second screen
Ensures rust,  sediments and bigger particles removal.

4 Hollow fiber membrane filter
Today's advanced multilayer hollow fiber membrane filters remove rust, bacteria, coliform bacili, microorganisms and microscopic impurities from water and other liquid solutions without removing calcium, magnesium and other mineral essentials to the human body.
The same membrane technology is used in dialyzer to purify blood in medical field.

Torayvino MK204MX'
Toray's advanced multilayer hollow fiber membrane filters remove rust, bacteria, coliform bacilli, microorganisms and microscopic impurities from water and other liquid solutions without removing calcium, magnesium and other minerals essential to the human body.

In the field of medicine, these filters enjoy widespread use to purify blood in artificial kidneys.

Easy to check trapped impurities through "See-through Window"

This unique feature incorporated only in Torayvino!
Torayvino MK204MX check impurities - before rust turbidity

Simply open the filter catridge cap and check contaminant build ups through "See-through Window" to actually see wheather the filter cartridge needs replacing. The filter water is therefore always safe and tasty.

Easy installation and replacement of the filter cartridge

Filter cartridge attachment / replacement is as easy as 1-2-3!
Torayvino MK204MX - Easy installation and replacement of the filter cartridge

  1. Turn the water selection lever to "Unfiltered Straight" and insert the filter cartridge.
  2. Rotate the cartridge 90°to the vertical.
  3. Filter cartridge attachment is complete.

      ✓ Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA)
      ✓ Interwater Certification
Extra Features:
      ✓ Electronic Monitor Display
Filter Life Span:
      5 to 6 months
Filtration Media:
      ✓ Granular Activated Carbon
      ✓ Hollow Fiber Membranes
Flow Rate:
Maximum Filtration Amount:
Maximum Water Pressure:
Maximum Water Temperature:
Micron Rating:
Minimum Water Pressure:
Minimum Water Temperature:
      ✓ Bacteria
      ✓ Bad Taste
      ✓ Chlorine
      ✓ Cysts
      ✓ Lead
      ✓ Microorganisms
      ✓ Odor
      ✓ Rust
      ✓ Sediments
      ✓ Turbidity
      1 Year Warranty
Torayvino MK204MX
Torayvino MK204MX
Torayvino MK204MX
Penovate Torayvino certificate of achievement, dominant share for the faucet mount typeHISTORY
TORAYVINO® Household Water Purifiers were developed based on our filtering technology used for medical devices. They feature sophisticated filteration media such as hollow fiber membrane filters as well as superior resins and other technologically advanced media.

First launched in 1986, TORAYVINO® filters have now become the most famous* water purifiers in Japan. Been sold over 100 million units sold worldwide.

At Toray, we are working each day to develop TORAYVINO® products that will offer even better performance, functionality, and design to the consumers.*Latest Toray Brand Survey (2012)

TORAYVINO® purifier remove all unnecessary components from tap water, providing all the world’s people with water that is as safe and delicious as the headwaters of a crystal stream.

TORAYVINO®’s three pledges:
A) We pledge to contribute to society by bringing pure water to people. Our corporate philosophy: Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products.

B) We pledge to bring innovation to people’s lives by making the most of both our water treatment and dialyzer membrane technologies.

Toray is a membrane manufacturer offering the full range of water treatment membranes from reverse osmosis (RO), anofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), to microfiltration (MF). Toray is also a manufacturer of artificial kidneys and other medical devices that make use of its highly advanced membrane technology.

C) We pledge to use our position and experience as the number one seller in Japan to find ways to bring people even greater peace of mind.

Penovate Sdn Bhd is the official Torayvino Malaysia distributor.
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Thursday, 07 September 2017
Excellent product !
Kensin Lim
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