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Torayvino MK204MX

RM 388.00
RM 388.00
RM 388.00
RM 388.00

mk204-torayvinoThe 4-stage filtration
Four-stage filtration catches even the most microscopic contaminants.

1 Prescreen
Removes rust, sediments and bigger particles.

2 Granular activated carbon (GAC)
TORAYVINO® use high-grade activated carbon to remove residual chlorine and other chemicals from the unfiltered tap water.

3 Second screen
Ensures rust, sediments and bigger particles removal.

4 Hollow fiber membrane filter
Toray’s advanced multilayer hollow fiber membrane filters remove rust, bacteria, coliform bacilli, microorganisms and microscopic impurities from water and other liquid solutions without removing calcium, magnesium and other minerals essential to the human body.
The same membrane technology is used in dialyzer to purify blood in the medical field.