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Packaging Materials

pn packaging 02Penovate is working closely with our customers to supply them many types of packaging material. We are able to customize different types of high quality packaging material for one stop packaging solution, the products include:

1) The corrugated fibre box
2) Die Cut Box.
3) Fitting.
4) Nesting.
5) Divider.
6) Layer pads.
7) Stretching bands.
8) Plastic bag.
9) Pallet Stretch Film
10) PE foam.
11) Air Bubble and all kinds of adhesive tape.pn packaging 03

In order to enhance our CSR reputation, Penovate even go for go green packaging products like recently we are launching our “Oxo-Biodegradable” plastic product which the plastic will degrade with presence of thermal, UV, and oxidation.
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