Welcome to PENOVATE Sdn. Berhad.
Subsidiary of PENFABRIC Sdn Bhd
Affiliate of TORAY Industries Inc., JAPAN
Member of TORAY Group Malaysia
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Textile By Products

Penovate is a well known company in Malaysia which supply variety of high quality cotton and polyester waste to local and international market at a very competitve price. 

Our By-Products Waste are as follow:-
1. Comber Waste
2. Soft Yarn Waste
3. Sized Yarn Waste
4. Reusable Waste
5. Dropping Waste
6. Silver Waste
7. Polyester Waste
8. Cloth Waste
9. Ageing Yarn

Besides the cotton and plyester waste, we are also supplying fabric waste such as the following:-

1. Leading Cloth
2. Waste Cloth
3. Defected Greigh
4. Discarded Rags
5. B'Dyed Light Weight Cloth
6. B'Dyed Heavy Weight Cloth

If interest, please request us through email to send you the sample yarn and fabric waste for your kind review
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